Duncan’s love of Scotland, is rooted in the annual family holidays of his childhood of the 1950’s and 60’s. For two glorious weeks, the family would leave their home in the southern counties and head north to the homelands of his mother; a farmer’s daughter from Deskford, near the Bin of Cullen in Banffshire, North East Scotland. 

Everyone’s favourite host, Duncan’s own journey has taken him a fascinating route which, knowingly or unknowingly, has all contributed to getting him to where he is today! 


For over 15 years, Duncan worked in a variety of roles within the civil service of Scotland’s water industry. Starting as a water technician for Grampian Water Services, Duncan progressed through the ranks before moving to North of Scotland Water Authority and latterly Scottish Water. Now compiling statistics and records from all five divisions in the region for the Water Services Annual report, Duncan also handled Met Office climate data for numerous climate stations in the north east of Scotland.

Volunteering for early severance from Scottish Water at just 50 years old, Duncan saw an opportunity. Using his passion and knowledge of the country he loved, Duncan began to offer private, customised and flexible tours. Allowing visitors to decide what they wanted to see and when, he offered a flexible alternative to the confines of organised group and bus tours.

Showing visitors the beauty and character of our infamous lands, whilst also offering bespoke catering of their needs, Duncan enjoys a satisfying career showcasing Scotland to people from all over the globe, He enjoys the enviable position of no longer being tied to a desk or drawing board, preferring to take an active role in the company, hosting international visitors and introducing them to Scotlands extraordinary diversity of climate , beauty, character , culture, food, drink and history.

Duncan aims to provide a high standard of service and his guests are rarely disappointed! He is often humbled by the appreciation of visitors on his tours, who often treat him and his drivers to a nice lunch or a generous tip at the end of the day in recognition of their experience with Duncans Tours and Duncan takes great pride in the online review that are posted. 

Duncan’s Tales from Tours

Duncan enjoys going above and beyond for his visitors. A good example of this is best told in his own words: 

‘On several occasions, visitors have asked us to help them get a photograph the Highland Coo or Hairy coos (as they are better known!) with the long horns and long hair. We oblige by going in the field and getting real close to help get a better photo for the visitors,  after struggling to get through a barb wire fence.  Once or twice,  the beastie or Coo has moved towards me and I come running back to the laughing. The find this quite funny and are very grateful, finding amusement sometimes, in photographing me on the run for my safety’.

Another ‘Tour Tale’ that Duncan likes to tell involves an occasion where a group of four visitors decided to get out of his Tour-bus and pile into a small wooden boat mounted on a stand at the back of the beach at Portgordon on the Moray coastal Tour. They asked me to photograph them, as if they were all at sea in a boat that would sink, what a wreck of a boat just as a joke for their friends back home but  it did look realistic!’




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